Global Perspectives

#Metaliteracy is now becoming a major part of education around the world.  This is because so much information can be accessed in different ways, the future generations must be able to capitalize on this new ability.  In one video, they said that teachers are focusing on publishing and be a consumer of information online and I believe that is important and coincides with our final project of publishing a website and using this blog.  But it is also important to be able to swift through what is bad information, like we did in class when we looked at websites that gave false information.  I believe this is important for students and people around the world to gain a high level of metaliteracy because the internet is such a great tool and has become the best option to use.  I rarely have ever used a book for a paper in college, because of the easiness of finding sources online.


The Metacognitive Dimension of Metaliteracy

The metacognitive dimension of #metaliteracy is about reviewing your work and looking at how you can improve your own literacy.  This relates to the work we have done this week because we reviewed two databases and looked at to how we can use and improve them.  I got to take a step back and see what I can do to improve my literacy when it came to searching for journal articles.  It also pertains to the in class work when we each tried to decide who first said “the ends justifies the means.”  We saw what we did wrong in the search and to use better sources while looking at online resources and search engines.  I think this knowledge will help me in the future to recognize where to look and how to evaluate my work and see how I can improve a paper or project.

#Metaliteracy Learner

Technology and social changes have changed the domains and roles of students.  Students now are capable of being more researchers, communicators, and participants with the technology that is available today.  A student has the ability to share and create ideas and studies online in blogs like this or on other kinds of sites.  I definitely believe that students are better off today than they were 50 years ago.  Computers and the internet have revolutionized how students do anything for school.  They can take notes, research, write papers, and do online homework all because of the invention of the computer.  I cannot even imagine what my time in school would be like without them since I have used computers since elementary school.


#Metaliteracy is the ability to find and use information and sources either on the internet or in books.  This is important for any student for projects, papers or tests.  I want to gain the ability  to access the information I need easier. I hope to be able to use what I learn in this class to help me in any future endeavors in school.  Also, being able to research properly will help me in the workplace and make me a more desirable job applicant.